Web Design


Promote a range of insurance solutions.


CoverMe® had an obsolete website. The main objectives were to make the website responsive and to dust off the digital image of the brand to make to the colors of those of Manulife, the brand reference.


We wanted to create a website accessible to as many people as possible. It was therefore essential that the website be adaptive to mobile devices because most of the traffic was on smartphones and tablets. The content being rich in information, it was necessary to optimize the experience to accompany the visitor in the search of insurance. It was equally important to make the visual identity of CoverMe® and Manulife unique so that we could easily discern that it is the same family.

What I did.

  • UX
  • Web design


October 2017.


This project was achieved at Manulife.

CoverMe - Desktop view CoverMe - Mobile view CoverMe - Desktop view CoverMe - Tablet view
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