Make your successful projects as effective as functional.


A simple, pleasant and efficient experience.

A carefully thought out website will allow your visitors to find information quickly without complications.

My job is to optimize the user experience. This requires simple rules, including relevant and interesting content, a faster display of pages, an easy tree view, an attractive and easily memorable web design.

Web design.

A website that looks like you.

Designing your website begin with an in-depth knowledge of your business, your competitive environment and the future context of your organization. They serve as inspiration to identify your identity and define how to shape what distinguish yourself and brings you success.

My objective is to immerse myself in your identity to create a web design impacting by its colors, typographies, images, layouts...


Take control of your website.

I ensure the front-end development of webdesign and the development of the architecture and technical functionalities of the site. Wordpress will be easy to handle so you can update it regularly and make your own changes.

I accompany you and advise you in order to offer you an autonomy in the management of your website. Don't be afraid, I'm never far away if you have questions.

Wordpress dashboard

Responsive design.

Your website on smartphones and tablets.

It has become essential that your website is appropriate for different mobile devices. The mobile strategy will be tackled from the beginning of the project.

My task is to adapt and design your website, so that it is perfectly suited to smartphones and tablets.

Search Engine Optimization.

Be visible on the search engines.

One of the initial steps of a good SEO is the technical and structural quality of your website. Indeed today, it is mandatory to be in the first results of the search engines so that your website is consulted.

JI offer natural referencing solutions to optimize your presence on Google. I'm working on optimizing your content, writing your title tags, H1, meta descriptions... according to your specific objectives.